Friday, 10 August 2012

The Black Harbinger Of Doom

It took place on a thunderous night
when the heavens opened wide
We all ran out to see the lights
In a tidal wave we cried

No one could believe their eyes
as we wandered in the street
All petty news now out of sight
Each face as white as sheet

It wasn’t known where they came from
another star they said
It wasn’t fair what then went down
The raising of the dead

The black beams just kept on coming
relentless day on day
And in the heavens an awesome humming
the Spectres watch their prey

Within each beam the victims rise
oblivious of their plight
Torn from their graves and into the skies
the end of their age-long night

And the living; we could only watch
We were like zombies too
as the Spectres slowly took their catch
And built their gruesome zoo

There came the day of the silent skies
When the Linguists spoke to us all
We were gamblers on the last throw of dice
As they told us two thirds must fall

An ultimatum had come down on silver disk
Two thirds were now to be given
To reject meant erasure if we took the risk
Acceptance brought New Eden

Stunned as we were the Linguists droned on
About why the Spectres had come
Hardly focusing on what was said
Our minds in fear were numb

They cropped the Kwal and processed it
within their silver ships
The residual energy, dust, bone and bit
made liquid for their lips

The ancients had most and this had been taken
Now it was time for the living
Not one ounce was to be forsaken
No escape from a final giving

A list was shown of who was to die
By profession we were denominated
They knew our every facet, no chance to lie
We were to be exterminated

All the best were listed as first candidates
Artists, writers and poets topped the list
Then philosophers, monks and scientists
Not one intelligent soul was to be missed

The Black Harbinger of Doom had come.


Doomsday Dawns

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