Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Have you ever tried to explain something 'far out' to someone and then have them turn around and say 'Do you actually believe that?' and you then have to try to explain how you think?

Well, that's where the See Tee Em concept comes right on in! The C T M concept, or Current Theoretical Model concept, describes a way of observing, of thinking, and of collecting and cross-referencing Life.

Your current theoretical model is not what you believe. It is what you have observed. About what? About anything, everything or whatever you lay your incredible spiritual gaze upon!

Take any subject or object - you have a C T M on that item - no matter how elementary and basic your information of it is. If you have become aware of it then you have some knowledge of it and you have created a new file - a potentially vast location for knowledge on that item. Maybe it'll never become vast, maybe it'll stay small. But don't you think maybe, in a few million lifetimes or so it might've grown a bit? It's a C T M. You make decisions on it, extrapolate from it, cross-reference and get ideas, ideas, ideas and more ideas from it.

It's not what you BELIEVE (in inverted clenched knuckles!) It Is What You Have Gathered - What You Have Become Aware Of. (Hopefully it's sifted data - compared and balanced out in relation to the world As It Exists - Hope's not much help here - in most cases it probably isn't - it contains old bad data from the local religion, semi-hypnotic data from pre-birth, hearsay and plain old ordinary propaganda.)

Nevertheless - a concept it still is - Current Theoretical Model. You can update it - you do all the time. You can use it - Every second of your being. You can stay free around it with practice and you can wonder at the awesome, incredible potential and ability of awareness and its useful strusture that's commonly given the name, 'Mind'

C T M. Why not?.


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